Frequently Asked Questions

  • Every meal comes with a "Best Before" date on the container. However, we recommend eating your meals within 4-5 days of pickup because fresh is always best.

  • Ask us for details on how to freeze our meals.

  • You bet! We have meals for all dietary needs. Vegetarian meals are marked as "Vegetarian" in the shop.

  • Absolutely. We do our best to offer a diverse menu for all dietary requirements at all times. However, if your dietary needs aren't addressed on our menu, please get in touch! We'd be happy to entertain special requests.

  • All meals are fully cooked and for convenience, can be heated in the microwave for 3 min. Or if you have more time, preheat oven to 350 degrees, remove food from the plastic container and place contents in a oven safe container and heat for 10 min.

  • All meals have the nutritional breakdown within the description of the meal on this website.

  • Each menu item comes with a full ingredient list on our website. However, we do not make our meals especially for allergies. Therefore, if your allergy is serious, please proceed with caution and feel free to consult our nutritionist first with any questions.

  • It's super easy. Visit our Menu section on this website to see all of our menu items offered this week. Choose your favourites, and order them. Upon checkout, you'll be required to input the payment method and preferred destination for pickup.

  • No! You're free to order as many or as few meals as you like. Though we have a feeling, you'll probably be back for more.

  • You can order anytime you'd like. Each meal has limited quantities and you'll be able to see if it is available or not. However, you can only pick up the meal on the day it becomes available. For example, if you order Wednesday's meal on Monday, you will have to wait until Wednesday to pick it up. Meals will be available at your chosen pick up location on selected day after 12pm, and the previous days meals can be picked up anytime between 6am - 8pm on weekdays.

  • We try our best to cater for as many of your needs as possible, so if you need to remove anything from the menu just drop us a message and we will see what we can do!

  • We do! Be sure to check out our menu weekly.

  • Yes we do, the design behind the recipes is that when snacking on naughty treats you always have an incredibly low protein content. So all our treats have a great amount of protein to balance your daily needs. We also offer full cakes for the super sweet tooth in you or to provide a great balanced snack for friends or colleagues.

  • Yes, we do.

  • Simple. Once you've loaded up your cart, simply head to checkout. Payment can be made by credit card on our website or cash during pick up.

  • Yes! Please contact us for more info.

  • If for any reason you’re not over-the-top satisfied by your experience with our meals, just let us know. We’ll give you store credits. Seriously! Our number one commitment is to your satisfaction. We’re not satisfied until you’re loving your delicious meal! Because we love you and want the best for you. <3 <3