Custom Sweet Trays


Custom Sweet Trays for your next party or meeting! All items are gluten-free and made to order.

Choose from

  • peanut butter cups (df, sf)
  • raspberry cups (df, sf, nf)
  • chia donuts (df, sf, nf)
  • vanilla or chocolate cupcakes (sf, nf)
  • protein cake pops (sf, nf)
  • chocolate zucchini bread (df, sf, nf)
  • coffee truffle (df, sf, nf)

Pick your favorite or mix it up with a little bit of everything!

df=dairy free
sf=soy free
nf=nut free

While our kitchen is gluten free and we do our best to be allergy friendly; we do have nuts, soy and dairy in our kitchen.

48hrs notice may be required

3 raspberry cups$6.00
3 chia donuts$6.00
3 vanilla cupcakes$6.00
3 chocolate cupcakes$6.00
3 protein cake pops$6.00
3 chocolate zucchini bread$6.00
3 coffee truffle$6.00
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48 hrs notice may be required