Nutrition Coaching

A qualified Holistic Nutritional Consultant is trained to assess and identify any current nutritional imbalances and to develop unique nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocols that can help bring your body back into proper balance, thereby resulting in optimal health.

So, what might your first visit to Side Door Nutritional Assessment look like?

You will be asked to complete a series of detailed forms. The information on these forms will provide Janice with insight into your personal goals, your main health concern(s), your specific health history, your current symptoms, aspects of your current lifestyle and eating habits. You will likely also fill out a multiple-day food diary.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your intake forms in detail. She will want to get a sense of what has brought you to where you are today. There is no cookie cutter solution. Janice will be using their finely trained skills to identify imbalances and opportunities by examining your diet and lifestyle to date.

In the following appointment, you will be presented with a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan that is designed to help you achieve your health goals and address your main health concerns. You will leave with an action plan designed specifically for you. You will likely be provided with a few key items to work on over the short term. Typically, this would be the beginning of a process that will involve a transition to long-term changes, reduction in symptoms, and a path to increased vitality. Janice will help be your educator, your coach and on some days, your conscience. Ultimately, you will have found yourself a partner in your health journey – someone who now knows and understands your needs.

Monthly Follow Up

Monthly Check-in with Adjustments

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Templated “Eating Plan”

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Bi-Weekly Follow Up

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    Creative, healthy, and tasty options with new meals and snacks available every day! The ingredients are quality and the price point is excellent.

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