Our Story

Hi! I’m Janice. I am the registered holistic nutritional consultant and the chef of Side Door Nutrition.
Back in 2016, I started CrossFit. With all of the different opinions on optimal diet and nutrition for CrossFit athletes kicking around, I knew something was missing. I wanted to eat well and feel amazing without having to worry about finding the right ingredients, calculating macros, or spending time in the kitchen and away from my family. Oh, and I wanted it to be delicious... every... single... time!
Having searched high and low for a place that could cater to my calorie and macronutrient needs and provide great tasting food, I was unable to find something that was up to scratch. In a small side kitchen at CrossFit Basinview, I began to cook for my training, and active lifestyle. That’s the moment I decided to create Side Door Nutrition which puts the fun, flavour and enjoyment back into eating healthy meals.

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Lean & Clean
High protein, low carbs and calories to replenish and protect muscle whilst using fat as a fuel source. With fresh, antioxidant-rich vegetables to aid recovery and support immunity. Our meals give you greater control over your nutrition and calorie intake so you can get the most from your training.

Performance & Fuel
Perform at your peak and recover from tough sessions with the help our meals. A balanced macronutrient split helps the body perform, burn fat and build muscle contributing to a lean, toned physique. Extra calories and quality nutrients to provide high energy and support lean muscle growth, optimize athletic performance and promote rapid recovery.