Nutrition is a key aspect of fitness: Side Door Nutrition was created to help you get the most out of your active lifestyle. A selection of higher protein and lower carbohydrate based meals, healthy and energy-packed snacks, guilt-free desserts, and organic cold-pressed juices are available to order. Handcrafted with love, freshly made, nutritionally formulated, and packed with flavour, Side Door Nutrition provides a delicious way to reach your goals.

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Clean, lean and full of flavours! You live a busy life. Eating healthy day in and day out is extremely difficult. We make every meal with the best proteins, produce, spices and oils available. Our snacks are wholesome and filling to keep you fuelled pre and post workout.

Holistic nutritionally designed meals for your active lifestyle! Leave the macro counting to us! Whether you want to bulk up or get lean our meals balance proteins, carbohydrates and fats to maximize the nutritional intake your body needs for peak performance and your macronutrients are optimized daily based on your workout requirements.


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Order Your Meals
Order Your Meals

Choose your favourite meals, juices and snacks and order them online.

Pick Up Your Order
Pick Up Your Order

We will handcraft your order and deliver it straight to your gym.

Eat and Enjoy
Eat and Enjoy

Enjoy the convenience of freshly prepared, great tasting meals.